Oral Appliances | Night Guards to treat TMJ disorders and sleep apnea

TMJ oral appliances for sleep apnea is non-surgical treatment for TMJ disorder, craniofacial pain, and sleep apnea. Referred to as night guards, oral appliances, or TMJ splint, they are custom fitted orthotics to your jaw, teeth, and severity of condition. They are created using the latest in dental technology and designed specifically for treating TMJ disorders, craniofacial pain, and sleep apnea. The devise repositions the jaw, decompress the jaw joint, realigns the bite, and limits the amount of force the jaw muscles generate. The appliances treat clicking and popping joints, lock jaw, TMJ pain, facial pain, ear pain, and chronic headaches and migraines.

All TMJ oral appliances and night guards are not the same

Over-the-Counter Store-Bought Night Guards

Purchased at your local drugstore, these are a one-size-fits-all night guard fitted to your teeth by boiling them in hot water and then forming around your teeth. These night guards are soft and flexible and don’t usually last very long. Individuals attempting a DIY method to protect their teeth or prevent from clenching or grinding their teeth at night may select this option.

However, these devises will not alleviate pain and discomfort from TMJ disorders or craniofacial pain.

Dr Busciglio

Oral appliances made by Dentists

Your family dentist may make a custom fitted oral appliance for you. These are superior to store-bought night guards because they are made from acrylic. They will assist in protecting your teeth while you sleep from wearing down or fracturing due to jaw clenching or teeth grinding.

Similar to the store-bought night guards, these will not treat TMJ disorder nor help in eliminating your pain.

Treatment for TMJ Disorder and Sleep Apnea

At Bay Area TMJ and Sleep Center, Dr. Busciglio focuses his practice exclusively on the treatment of TMJ disorder, craniofacial pain, and sleep disorders. He is committed to helping patients become pain free and sleep well for the betterment of their health. He and his team create oral appliances that are custom-fitted and unique for each individual as part of their treatment plan.

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