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Headaches and migraines TMJ treatment

When you have a headache or migraine, you might not attribute the cause of it to your jaw. However, often the chronic pain is due to swelling and inflammation in the temporomandibular joint as it travels to other muscle and ligament tissues in the jaw area. As it spreads, muscles become tight and inflamed causing spasm. The pain may radiate to the back or side of the head or down into the neck and vary intensity. Chewing, talking or any use of the jaw may increase the pain, as will excessive talking or yawning. There may be clicking, popping or grating sounds. Vertigo, dizziness, and ringing in the ears can also be evident in TMJ disorder.

Tension headaches and TMJ

There are different types of headaches. One most notably associated with TMJ disorder are tension headaches.

Tension headaches are caused by over-active aggravated muscles from jaw clenching and teeth grinding. These headaches can often lead to facial, neck, shoulder, and arm pain. Often, tension headaches can be treated without medications.

While medication can help reduce headaches for a period of time, the headaches usually return as the medications become less effective or higher doses are required. Overuse of pain medication can cause rebound headaches. Over time, headaches or migraines can transform an episodic condition to a chronic condition. It’s important to know that medications for headaches and migraines only treat the symptoms. They do not treat the cause of the problem.

A dentist who practices exclusively for the treatment of TMJ disorders can evaluate and diagnosis the cause of your headache or migraine pain. If your pain is attributable to a TMJ disorder, various non-surgical treatments can be applied.

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