What is TMJ and TMD?

TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder is a medical condition that can be painful. Only a dentist who specializes in the treatment of TMJ / TMD disorder can effectively treat the cause of the pain and discomfort.

Fortunately for those suffering from TMJ or TMD disorder, there is a dentist in Brandon Florida who treats only TMJ / TMD. Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center is devoted exclusively to the comprehensive treatment of TMJ / TMD, craniofacial pain, chronic headaches and migraines as well as Sleep Disordered Breathing such as snoring and sleep apneic patients who are “CPAP Intolerant.”

TMJ disorderThe TMJ is located in front of your ears, it connects your jaw and skull, which allows you to talk and chew. A TMJ disorder usually involves the disc but may also involve the bone of the joint. Those with TMJ may experience a “clicking” or “popping” sound in the jaw when opening and closing their mouth.  People with a TMJ disorder may experience a range of severe pain to no pain at all.

TemporoMandibular Dysfunction (TMD) disorder includes the jaw joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and/or nerves. When the discs or joints are out of alignment or do not function properly, symptoms from mild to severe pain can result.

If you live or work near Brandon your jaw pain should not interrupt your life and your health.

Just as patients are unique in their own way, treatments for TMJ disorders, craniofacial pain, and Sleep Disordered Breathing are also unique in their treatment process. As a specialized dentist who treats patients with jaw pain in Brandon; in addition to neck, face, shoulder and ear pain as a result of TMJ TMD, each patient’s treatment is customized to their diagnosis. Because no two patients are exactly the same, we offer a wide variety of oral appliances as well as customized therapy to work hand-in-hand to maximize the treatment process.

As a dentist in Brandon Florida, Dr. David Busciglio opened Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center specifically to help patients with TMJ / TMD and those who suffer from headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain as a result from teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Many patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea find they are intolerant to wearing a CPAP when they sleep. Since the effects of sleep apnea can be dangerous to one’s health, there is an alternative.

Oral Appliance Therapy is an appliance that comes in two separate pieces. It is fitted over the upper and lower teeth to help move the lower jaw forward and reposition the tongue, soft palate, and the hyoid bone. This in turn, helps to open the airway.

There are different types of oral appliances that can treat sleep apnea as well as snoring. After evaluation, Dr. Busciglio, a dentist in Brandon Florida will determine the right treatment for you and make a custom appliance to help you sleep better and improve your health.