Think all night guards are the same?

Types of Night Guards

Not by a long shot.

People seeking relief from TMJ, chronic headaches, facial pain and sleep disorders will not find help with a trip to your local pharmacy store. Your dentist, who cleans your teeth, may provide a mouth guard to fit you, but it won’t conquer your pain.

Three types of night guards

  1. Store-Bought Night Guards

Nightguards purchased at your local store are a one-size-fits-all approach. They are fitted to your teeth by boiling it in hot water and then forming around your teeth. They are soft and flexible and don’t last very long. These night guards are used to protect your teeth from wearing down or fracturing when clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep.

  1. Night Guards made by non-specialized dentists

These night guards are custom-fitted to your teeth, less bulky and superior to the store-bought night guards. They are made from acrylic, which can last for years. These night guards are intended to protect your teeth from wearing down or fracturing when clenching or grinding your teeth.

  1. Night Guards made for TMJ and Craniofacial Pain

These night guards are custom-fitted to your teeth but are designed to function differently than the first two night guards mentioned. They are designed specifically for treating TMJ Disorders, Craniofacial Pain and sleep apnea. They reposition the jaw, decompress the jaw joint and limit the amount of force the jaw muscles generate. These appliances treat clicking and popping joints, lockjaw, TMJ pain, facial pain, and chronic headaches and migraines.

Know the Night Guard Difference

If you suffer from TMJ, chronic facial pain, headaches, and migraines, there is help. You can find treatment. But know where to go. Only dentists who specifically specialize in treating TMJ and craniofacial pain can design a custom-fitted appliance specifically for your disorder.

Store-bought night guards and the night guards made by most dentists are not made to treat TMJ or craniofacial pain. In fact, these night guards can make your TMJ disorder and/or craniofacial pain worse.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, call Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.


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